Critical systems monitoring

How do we develop world's critical systems' monitoring, that would enable rapid response and preserve personal liberties and privacy of individuals?

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The global emergencies, like the pandemic, brings us to think, how to create rapid and appropriate responses to emergencies, while ensuring individual freedoms we enjoy. The dichotomy arises, when we want to create a decentralized system with the resilience guarantees of a more centralized system.

This question is closely related to making decentralized systems (e.g., P2P systems), that are as resilient like distributed systems (cloud infrastructures), with centralized monitoring.

The question comes from discussions at Foresight Institute, HiveMind workshop.

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Examples of solutions to this problem could be found in nature, i.e., how a beehive responds to an intruder wasp, vs., how mosquitoes do not seem to respond collectively, each acting as an independent actor. An ant-hill may be something between a mosquito and a beehive, in that every ant acts with its own freedom, in fulfilling some social role, that it takes as part of differentiation, similar to sexual differentiation, and respond to intruders a bit like the immune system responds to pathogens -- signaling to certain type of agents (warrior ants, or T-cells, and we find people in our current societies that roles -- doctors, policemen, etc.) to engage with certain type of threats.

What's interesting, is that all these systems rely on certain type of recognizers, and signaling. An ant recognizes signals like pheromones, while in our society, we may be recognizing different kind of signals. I'd think part of the solution lies in developing an alphabet for social signals, and innovating around social roles. For example, we may need a signal (or a symbol) and a recognizer of emergent exponential growths.

The particular ideas of such symbol sets and signaling patterns may be interesting, and be suggested as ideas.