Politics, Law & Government

YAML Interest

the ideas and activities involved in getting power in a country or over a particular area of the world

Child categories: Reshape Global Governance To Address Global Catastrophic Risks, Private and Public Sector Cooperation, Public and Private Sector Cooperation, Humans Becoming Obsolete, Preventing Nuclear War and Nuclear Winter from Happening, Law, Court cases, Patent law, Patents, Legislation, American Politics, Asian politics, Crime and violence, Terrorism, Armed conflicts, Conflict Resolution, International Development, International Aid, International Law, International Cooperation, Government, Improving the functioning of democracy, Elections, Taxes, Think Tanks, Corruption, Local Politics, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Human Rights, which world do you like better, Women Empowerment, Women Entrepreneurship, Women Leadership, Women in Politics, Maternity Benefits, Decentralization, Peace, Geopolitics, European politics, European elections.

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