Humans Becoming Obsolete

Where Will the Information and Computing Resources Asymmetry in AI Lead Us To?

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Given that currently, the pace of allocating computing resources for AI is accelerating at a rate "7 times exceeding the Moore's Law," it seems, that the AI race is on a trajectory similar to that of cryptocurrencies a decade earlier. Except, in this race, there is a point, where machine coordination makes human labor unnecessary, and the rest of humanity unnecessary in creation of supply of all goods and services of value, making one wonder:

  1. How much compute power is currently allocated to deep learning AI models versus mining cryptocurrencies?
  2. Where is the point, when it is more profitable to learn an AI models than mine cryptocurrencies?
  3. Who owns most of the computing resources, specifically? What are their values?
  4. How can the expensively trained models be made into an asset to us all, rather than a continued expense for getting results we need through capped, conditional, transactional querying?
  5. When companies try to capitalize on every match due to information and computation power asymmetry, where is the Wikipedia's quest for having the "Sum of All Human Knowledge"? "Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge." (Jimmy Wales)

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