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Creating broad access to force manipulators of matter at diverse scales to empower people to do work wherever needed

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One of the key elements that allowed us to create all the technology on Earth, is our hands, which could be thought of as simply versatile force manipulators. The opposabe appendage (thumb) allowed us to grasp things, and the further improvement in the lengths of fingers, and their properties, such as feedback mechanisms and granularity of muscle strength, allowed us to build complex devices.

We even have a region of our brains that is very well trained and suited for this force field manipulation with our fingers. Employing it to scale the region of influence of our hands from macro-scale to nano-scale, could prove to be useful at tasks from doing internal micro-surgeries, to macroscopic construction works.

I think we should create the abundance of the manipulators at micro-scale, accessible to public, so that human creativity could flourish at micro-to-nano scale work, especially in medicine.

More specifically, we could build laboratories, and employ people over the internet, from virtual reality worlds, by selling cyber-gloves (like we today sell computer mouse), and allowing game players to practice by doing surgery to all kind of small animals like insects, worms, bugs, with the hope that we could scale this to a degree, where the nano-workforce is widely available to fix us dexterously and efficiently before we die.

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