YAML Interest

advanced scientific knowledge used for practical purposes, especially in industry

Child categories: Humanity's goals and AI, Self-Directed Learning, Ensuring Safe Arrival of Technological Singularity, Reaching low Earth orbit cheaply, Reducing Risk from Gamma Ray Bursts, Femtotechnology, Designing a Non-Toxic Efficient Cryoprotectant, Extropy, Achieving Interstellar Flight, AI and Machine Learning, Human vs AI competitions, Aviation technology, Camera Technology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Weapons Technology, Information and Communication Technologies, Digital Infrastructure, Finding a Way to Construct a Computer from Multiplying Bacteria, Digital Transformation, Digital Literacy, Telecommunications technology, Mobile, Software, Enabling Automatic, Precise and Granular Time Tracking in Software Development, Enabling Screen-Sharing Between Smartphones, Social real-time data sharing, Player Synchronization, Making academic research papers easy to discuss on-line, Content Reusability Problem, Meta standard for data reusability, Smaller Groups in Video-Conferences, Making It Easy to Write Books by Talking, Multi-method Provability of Cryptographic Facts, Integrate Avatar Systems to Share Skills and Experience, Blockchain Technologies, Enable Brains to Mine Currency, Operating Systems, Sharing Digital Resources, Web Apps Integration, Clean Technology, Sensors, Creating broad access to force manipulators of matter at diverse scales to empower people to do work wherever needed, Automotive Technology, Ocean-related Technologies, Time Technologies, Human Teleportation, Information Control, Apocalypse technology, Post Kubernetes world, Frontier Science and Technology, Cryptocurrencies, General and Other Technology.

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