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    HiveCell ~ Universal Beehive Cell-like Capsule-Hotel-like Car Connectable into Buildings and Spaces [+]
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    XMaze ~ Computer game for students: theory on the walls, problem solutions unlock the doors. [+]
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    | Create a list of join queries that would be useful cross institutions ~ In designing this data liquidity system, we should have some idea of the kinds of questions we want to answer [+]
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    Dolphin Chatroom Libraries ~ Create a low bandwidth distant communications channel for groups of dolphins with exchanged member, and crack dolphin language much faster! [+]
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    | Code Review Option Before Giving Permissions ~ An OS-level middleware allowing to review code of software that is installed or given permissions to. [+]
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    | Prioritize AI for Communication ~ Prioritize the use of AIs to empower humans to communicate and decide together, and it won't take over the world. [+]
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    | Write to Galaxies ~ Treat galaxies like CD drives to send directional laser updates of our civilization, and survive in the minds of the distant future civilizations. [+]
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    | Metaformat ~ Create a polycontext metasymbol, and overcome the fact that standardization does not generalize. [+]

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