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ARC Regenerative Communities P&L: 0 (≃ 0 USD)

Restoration of right relationship between one another and the living earth; ultimately the abolition of the concept of property and extractive capitalism. YAML Project

  1. Establish a perpetual purpose trust (ARC) aligned with the Mission.
  2. Individuals and institutions lend money to ARC on favorable terms, providing resources for instantiation and development.
  3. Members form mutual aid agreements with the trust, and make contributions of money, labor, or other in-kind offerings.
  4. ARC acquires and develops land, water, food, energy, and data resources for the commonwealth in alignment with core values of deep stewardship.
  5. Members enjoy a healthy baseline for well-being including shelter, water, food, energy, data, and social connection according to their need.
  6. ARC is governed by self-organizing holons at every level; e.g. intimates, families, circles and working groups, nodes, and federations.
  7. ARC amortizes the debt as expeditiously as possible while favoring investment over debt service.
  8. ARC acts as an incubator for cooperative enterprises which can take values-aligned outside investment up to 49% with ARC retaining 51%.
  9. ARC reaches maturity when fully developed and then begins a procreative cycle of seeding new communities/nodes.
  10. ARC maintains an export surplus in services, while favoring trade between ARC nodes and regenerating the land and water across all sites.

Operational details


  • Vision Articulation
  • Group Formation
  • Land Acquisition
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Ecosystem Regeneration
  • Community Procreation
  • Planetary Federation
  • Space Migration
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