"Evolutionary Organisation"



The idea is to augment United Nations with an open adaptive system of self-organized local people solving local issues via a framework involving IT portal supporting groups ("LAC" - local action circles") around local problems, and cryptocurrency. The groups would start projects, and get them funded incrementally by higher level organizations via cryptocurrencies (e.g., UN, crowdfunding or charities).

This submission proposes an open adaptive system model created in addition to the United Nations’ current structure. “Power” in the system is held by self-organised local people solving local issues, in ways that address global goals. The proposal consists of a framework of processes, technology (IT portal and cryptocurrency) and skills, that work together to create a “living system.” Action is taken by “action circles” (LACs), which are formed by people who can solve a local problem. Circle incubators teach LACs: effective mass collaboration skills, action planning and how to get funded etc. Projects may be funded with local currency and/or UN cryptocurrency provided by the UN, crowdfunding or charities etc. Project success is evaluated by other LACs, promoting global collaboration and keeping the “energy” (funding, effort and knowledge) in the system. Like a living system, an Evolutionary Organisation starts small and expands as it becomes more successful, drawing in more funding and participants as it grows.

by Morya Short at globalchallenges.org


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Sounds a lot like series of funding, except, unlike in business, where we have private investors, this would be the one that's extension of UN? How is this new, sounds a bit more like perpetuation of the UN.