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Enabling People to Realize Ideas and Solve Problems

YAML Interest

So, I want to:

  • be able to work on a large number of ideas at the same time. For example, in Halfbakery, I have >125 ideas.
  • be able to start working on any project that I want, but:
    • that requires reliable source of procedural knowledge, where I could be sure that by adding certain actions, I can get certain result. in turn, that requires:
      • be able to look at how projects were successfully planned and broken down into hierarchical task networks historically.
    • that requires source of funding for bootstrapping, at the pre-early stages, when there is no working prototypes, just ideas.

However, these days, the funding mainly goes to the established prototype-based things (e.g., projects, which already have practically working examples). It is very hard to get funding directly for ideas themselves. However, such funding seems necessary for turning ideas into prototypes.

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