Boredom is a menace, stealing joy from people since the beginning of time

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Boredom is a horrible state of mind.

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I think Boredom is a magical space when random questions and snippets of ideas enter our minds!

I would agree with a course "Learning How to Learn" on Coursera that says, when our brain is in a defocused mode, we think differently and form unexpected connections.

So this question could be rephrased as "How to make Boredom a productive space for ideation?"

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$$E = \frac{mc^2}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}$$

Think, when %%v%% approaches %%c%%, and how %%1337%% this topic is, -- may be less boring.

“Are there more form or classes of boredom?”——

There is: when the environment remains the same.

So we don’t like 'brave new world', because it’s so boring.

So we are going to mars :)

Well, what is boredom? Perhaps there are different kinds of boredom:

Environmental scarcity:

  • When there's nothing meaningful else to do.

Reward temporal irregularity:

  • When waiting for the fun part is too long, and there's nothing fun to do in the meantime.

Environmental complexity :

  • When actions are futile, many things tried, nothing worked yet.
  • When there's just too many choices, none sufficiently fun or engaging, and you're in the search of the next big thing?

Are there more form or classes of boredom?

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Inyuki, 💤