Problems: Boredom.

Boredom expert


Someone who studies your psyche to work out what you should be doing


Imagine a field of research which is to study what makes people bored and to discover how to cure boredom.

The boredom expert runs a series of tests against your psyche to work out what makes you tick.


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Check out the work of Scott Barry Kauffman, psychologist who creates Self-Actualisation Tests and writes books on how people can self-actualise :)

Agree [chronological]. Human mental activity affects its behavior patterns (behavior patterns when alone and interaction patterns when getting along with others), which is very interesting because (hopefully) cannot be covered by existing algorithms.


The study of human activities would be quite interesting I reckon. It's a mixture of antropology and psycology because you're studying a particular person's mindset.

It would be quite boring to specialize in such a narrow domain, wouldn't it? So, how would the specialist treat themselves? Not being specialist is the option I see.

I can think of some:

I haven't talked to anyone all day, I'm a bit bored;

Do some work that does not require thinking;

Do something that has to be repeated, especially when you are not expecting the result;


我可以想到一些: 我一整天都没有和别人说话,我有点无聊; 做一些不需要思考的工作; 做一些不得不重复的事情,尤其是你并不期待其结果时; ……