Synergy Bubbles Social Experiment


Social experiment asking strangers deep questions


Random chats with strangers can transform our society and make it more open & creative. In Ireland, I definitely learned how small talk glues people. Thinking further I wonder if openness to connect and co-create would spread in society the same way like small talk did.

How my social experiment works? I contact someone I haven't spoken to 1:1, or spoken deeply at all, or whom I haven't spoken for years thru social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and ask what projects they are working on, what they are exploring, what they are curious about, what dreams do they have for 2021. If I get a response, we enter a Synergy Bubble.

How does Synergy Bubble work?

1.Spontaneous cooperation. I imagine I would ask a person to collaborate and create something small together. My hypothesis is that it's possible to create something bigger than ourselves with strangers if one party asks the question! The bigger picture of this experiment is - openness as mindset spreads, helping as behaviour spreads, spontaneity as a feeling spreads.

2.Ice-breaker for human communication. Even having a deep 1:1 conversation with someone who was seen as a stranger a moment ago alteady expands one's world.

So then Synergy Bubbles are about opening up one's world, letting someone else to see your world and for a moment have that deep connection to a fellow being (a butterfly moment) and realisation that we all are the same. Transformational moment


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// Social experiment asking strangers deep questions

That reminds me the "Big Talk", rather than small talk. :) A bit of security bubbles?

I have some early proof that this experiment works. I had a community in 2013 with teachers whom I met this exact way on Twitter. I met Mindey in a similar way. I started collaborating with Malü this way too (whom I met online and asked to co-create a community with during our first call, that became a SAME project). Who else would like to join this experiment with me? :)