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Space for Self YAML Project Produce

A space to transform self while raising brainchildren. Kokono exists to help people move from "I'm lost" to "I'm onto something" to "I have a community to serve". The vision is a meaningful business school available online and a global community of local idea-consultants who help people everywhere to explore inner worlds, develop ideas, meaningful projects and purposeful products that shape our culture.

Path: Services, project-based learning courses and train-the-trainer programme, web app (in future plans), community.

Operational details

KOKONO Limited, registered in Ireland

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Playing with LearnDash online course functionality, I realised an issue about adding video lectures. I can either upload videos to Youtube (unlisted setting) for free and then embed it into my course. Or, I can pay Vimeo PRO $7/mo to upload private videos and embed them to my course. LearnDash integrates nicely with WordPress, so courses are accessed from within my website.

Or, I can use Teachable for $29/mo that hosts my videos and has cool functionality for course building and selling. But it takes 5% transaction fee. Also, I'm exploring Thinkific, which is $39/mo for videos hosting for unlimited courses and has option for one free course. No transaction fees here.

Hmm. I'm tempted to stick with LearnDash for now or create one free course on Thinkific to see how it compares to LearnDash.

Hello, World! So, in 2021 I'd like to see my school unfolding.

And what happened since 2020 03?

  • I have a brand that I and people love (well, I got such feedback!). Plasticine is the way!

  • I worked with clients in rural area and realised that "working on ideas" as a habit and profession is still an activity that few do or desire to do. So, my previous thinking on serving unemployed people is shaping now. I'd need to create loads of content to inform people about what I offer (like, why I believe creative business is for everyone..) My next question is on product/market fit "How can I narrow down audience for those people who need it now?" Thinking about working women in cities who use social media already and who read blogs. I'm also getting involved in ecology movements, so would be so nice to include that too to my audience characteristics.

  • I have an outline of 6 six steps/topics for a school programme. I got a positive feedback from 30 women-business owners from my attendance at online conference and 1:1 chats with them.

  • I completed Hubspot for Startups programme. My next step here is: Develop a content marketing programme. I'd like to have a team on marketing.

  • I completed New Frontiers phase 1 business accelerator programme in Ireland. My next step is: Develop partnerships with career coaches who would promote my services that overlap with theirs.

  • I completed a course in humanistic psychology basics with Scott Barry Kauffman and a course on Spiritual Ecology. It was great to know that the latest psychology is researching self-actualisation and to meet the community. Here I noticed that I'd like to take an angle of introducing creativity from curiosity, exploration of nature and biomimicry perspective, rather than pure "self-actualisation" and goal-setting angle.

Maybe I have more updates but I can't recall them now! More updates coming as they come!