Having World Where Everything That Anyone Truly Wishes, Exists

YAML Interest

World. It is the closest thing to everyone of us. We use it every day. So, why not to have it such, that it serves to all of us in ways that we wish?

A goal is set of conditions to satisfy, and ideally, we would have a way to negotiate and express what we want, and get world's various systems go out and satisfy those conditions like our bodies do retain homeostasis, or like self-healing systems retain optimal states. Systems engineers have a language for describing variables and their desired ranges ("conditions"), e.g., in DevOps, use YAML for that. For example:


- agents: all
  - name: ensure everyone realizes their true wishes
    inf: true_wish_metric=0010 state=known
    inf: wish_pursuit=0010 state=successful

Human body:

- agents: humans
  - name: ensure everyone has latest organs and healthy
    inf: brain=x1h1 state=latest
    inf: eyes=zoptix state=latest
    inf: blood=hh1o state=latest
    inf: liver=anix state=latest
    inf: kidney=anio state=latest
    inf: stomach=z88b state=latest
  - name: ensure breathing is active
    service: name=lungs state=started enabled=yes
    service: name=heart state=started enabled=yes


- locations: construction_companies_123
  - name: ensure they are supplied with concrete type X123
    inf: concrete=x1h1 state=present

If we were to specify a world, where everything that anyone truly wishes, exists, how would we do it?

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