Having World Where Everything That Anyone Truly Wishes, Exists

YAML Category

World. It is the closest thing to everyone of us. We use it every day. So, why not to have it such, that it serves to all of us in ways that we wish?

Ok. This is just a test, An example of requirements specification.

World example.

yml - agents: all tasks: - name: ensure everyone realizes their true wishes inf: true_wish_metric=0010 state=known inf: wish_pursuit=0010 state=successful

Human body example

yml - agents: humans tasks: - name: ensure everyone has latest organs and healthy inf: brain=x1h1 state=latest inf: eyes=zoptix state=latest inf: blood=hh1o state=latest inf: liver=anix state=latest inf: kidney=anio state=latest inf: stomach=z88b state=latest - name: ensure breathing is active service: name=lungs state=started enabled=yes service: name=heart state=started enabled=yes

Company needs example.

yml - locations: construction_companies_123 tasks: - name: ensure they are supplied with concrete type X123 inf: concrete=x1h1 state=present

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