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0oo UI should encourage people to "move from thought to action". for me, personally, it would be cool to have a section "Chaos" before "Categories" which would allow a Feedback Seeker to post random questions/ideas (like on Quora but more for research questions), and 0oo community would reply with comments. as a result, a Feedback Seeker would synthesise thoughts and later rephrase a crappy question into the one that fits categories. because synthesis happens when people are thinking together.

Categories are supposed to work this way -- i.e., if you have some "Quora-like question" -- it's a category.

You may ask, how is category -- a question? Categories are questions to retrieve all items in category. For example, category: "Nanotechnology" in form of question would be "What items do we have about Nanotechnology?"

I think, we should review the old video about, and pick some ideas from there.

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