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Responsively fast software

Computers shouldn't lag, ever. I am interested in ideas how to speed up the perceived performance of computers.

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This question is principles to create extremely responsive fast software. Most installers and software is really slow and unresponsive.

a) use "ideas #120 cancellation trees" cancellation trees is the idea that every operation is organised into a tree of operations and can be aborted at any time due to running in a separate thread and when the user changed the operation, the invalidated processes stop looping and are cancelled. "ideas4 #99 register loop" register loop is the idea of registering loops for progress monitoring and being modifiable by other threads.

b) change the priority of processes. Pinterest got a 20% performance boost by increasing priority of their processes.

c) use biased "concurrent loop" scheduling. If we say we have 5 operations and we want operation 1 to take 30% of the time, operation 2 20% operation 3 25% operation 4 5% and operation 5 20%. We can generate a sequence that executes loops in that proportion.

d) send slow operations to another computer

e) arrange data in structures of arrays for data locality

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I created a Quora space for Fast, Responsive and Scalable software.

a) immediate mode rendering b) don't block the main thread