Software principles

What do you think software should have?

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Software has some requirements for me to use it.

This is to discuss as a community what software - including web applications should consider.

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In my experience when someone says something is clean or beautiful I have disagreed. I think one man's beauty is another man's garbage 🤣

I agree with you with regard to trying things out and seeing what works. WordPress is a good example of that. I think wordpress is very good software but a lot of subpar inexperienced developers think it's bad. But those developers haven't made anything significant in their lives.

I lean on the tool making and practical realm of software development.

Theres developers who think Haskell and Clojure are game changers but then they produce unreadable ugly messes that nobody but their author can understand and it's not because their code is beautiful or that others are inexperienced.

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There's entire philosophy for how good quality software should be written from typing, structuring, logging, building, releasing, dividing into and combining from services... however, all that depends on particular choices of formats and standards and short-medium-long term goals.

For example, not everyone has to stick to stringent engineering requirements in the research phase -- it's easier to rapidly build a half-baked rocket and try again, than to meticulously design a masterpiece, that lacks a key ability (e.g., ability to come back to land).

And so, wildly different requirements and principles may exist, when thinking of software:

  • As research
  • As art
  • As exploration
  • As tool-making
  • As craft
  • As engineering ...