Not everything should be free

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I think it's really harmful for everything to be free. Things are not free to produce.

We should think twice about using free social networks, free search engines, free web hosting, free web browsers

I think the big tech companies should be broken up into smaller companies that actually sell products that people want. It shouldn't be free. They should be self sufficient.

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A simple solution. Nothing should be enforced. So, you pay for anything is voluntary, including taxes. Why would it work? Cos the culture of a strong community and respect and goodwill and live. Yep, it's not gonna work in the now dominant culture of a culture. How do we change it? By building communities with nee culture, succeeding and gravitating more people, and connecting those into larger distributed community. Where do we get land to build seed communes? Off the blockchain. We build daos that generate upside, cos freedom sells well, proven by crypto growth, and we distribute land Grants. A Robin hood scheme

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Of course not everything should be free, but a funds should be distributed in a way associated with actual usage or usefulness of the things, that receive those funds.

For example, all people could pay an amount of „tax“ to a central place, and then this collected budged would be distributed to projects who create value.

Budged distribution should be fully automatic using an algorithm, algorithm would be based on some metrics.

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