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People often talk about solutions in conferences, but don't collect them for action afterwards

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People talk in conferences on-line, and even use tools like twitter to allow others share a few words with others. However, there is no way to conveniently organize the insights of the conferences into actionable bits. These insights get lost in some notes of some individuals, and not necessarily captured and organized for weighting them among possible solutions.

This reduces the problem solving capacity.

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// I need to be able to reference a sentence in discussion //

Definitely! Will plan on adding this, cause this would be quite useful in discussions.

    : Mindey
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I need to be able to reference a sentence in discussion rather than reply to the whole at once.

Perhaps this could be a feature of homebase? A subscript number after every sentence that can be used to refer to the source text.

We need a marketplace of ideas. That's infinity homebase.

A sub-problem is that insights generated at virtual conferences stay as video recordings.