Property tags -- tags to refer to properties of topics in social conversations


Now, today, people use simple hashtags, where they have a TOPIC, as a hashtag. E.g., today we had a hashtag #FOW (future of work), and people came to talk about the problem, namely the technological unemployment problem. This topic connects various problems, ideas, etc. about objects, and events of the future.

In the conceptual structure of the Infinity Project, we have NGIPS:

  • NEEDS (=CONCEPTS refering to RANDOM VARIABLES that may be needed or not needed)
  • GOALS (=vectors of inequalities or domain regions about the things NEEDs refering to RANDOM VECTOR of concepts refer to)
  • IDEAS (=TRANSFORMATIONS or methods or dependencies that allow to affect concepts of NEEDs definign GOALs via other variables)
  • PLANS (=instances of IDEAs, organized attempts to apply IDEA=Transformation to actual resources)
  • STEPS (explicit parts of PLAN) // we plan to remove STEP, WORK, and leave only what we call "STEP hierarchy" or a PROGRAM.

However, according to the NOPES idea on halfbakery, notes about subjects can be summarized by extracting NOPES:

  • NAMES (=references to individuals and organizations)
  • OBJECTS (=references to physical things)
  • PLACES (=references to physical places)
  • EVENTS (=references to spatio-temporal locations)
  • SUBJECTS (=references to locations of mind-spaces, e.g., propositions)

NGIPS can be desired and executed by individuals and organizations (NAMES), and defined in terms of other NAMES, OBJECTS, PLACES, EVENTS. So, in order to define NGIPS, people generally use NOPE. The remaining part, seems to be the "S" (SUBJECTS), which are the topics themselves under this conceptualization.

Therefore recently, renaming some parts of NOPES, I had tweeted that it seems, that NAMES talk about SUBJECTS, which are NEEDS, GOALS, IDEAS, PLANS,.. regarding OBJECTS, PLACES, EVENTS, and other NAMES. In other words, I told it a bit more humanly:

All TOPICS seem to be about the NEEDS, GOALS, IDEAS
   and PLANS of AGENTS regarding physical THINGS,
   PLACES, EVENTS, them and other AGENTS...

So, to index them, we could introduce "tagfixes" -- hierarchical namespaced hashtags. Some simple syntax sugar might be necessary for this to work. E.g

#FOW%PROBLEM -- for describing a problem
#FOW%IDEA -- for describing an idea

There are many types of ideas, for example, some could be called "INSIGHTS" and used as tagfix #FOW%INSIGHT when tweeting , and while insights not always have an explicit problem that they address, they could be mapped with the problems later on, after discussion.

Of course, we use a different sign, and not necessarily percent sign to create (#) hashtags with "suffixes" (%) ("tagfixes").


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