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Make Money Represent and be Traceable to True Value

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Money value is an abstraction, while true value is an integral of assets created over time. Every dollar that anyone makes today does not uniquely represent the value behind it, or - work or contribution that was done to get or make it (we use accounting for that, but the money itself is information-less, and lacks transparency), it doesn’t have the history of asset generation and exchange associated. Thus, the true value of dollar is unknown. It is an approximation of demand and supply of associated traded goods, and expectations of the demand of the currency, rather than true value representing the underlying assets, creating economic bubbles as mis-estimation of true value behind tokens. We need money that represents and is traceable to true value.

A simple example:

Bitcoin is not readily traceable to actual work made to mine it, because wallets create different public keys for following transactions. It is built not to be representative of true value. A bitcoin that would preserve the true value would preserve public trace-ability to the original block that mined, and thus, computational complexity of mining it.

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