Parent categories: Adaptive Learning.


YAML Interest

The study of the way that goods and services are produced and sold and the way money is managed

Child categories: Sentience of Companies and their Ownership/Trade Rights, An economic system that frees humanity from unnecessary suffering and meaningless work, Make Money Represent and be Traceable to True Value, Make Accounting Systems Fair, Goals Pursuit Measurement, Finance, Fund, Impact Investments, Monetary Systems, Investing, Housing economics, Agriculture Industry, Enabling Beekepers to Preserve Royal Jelly, Fishing, Sustainable Development, Circular Economy, Low Carbon Economy, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Economic Growth, Macroeconomics, Competition, Knowledge Economy, Digital Economy, Gross Domestic Product, Company, Startup companies, lack of business/start-up guides specific to countries other than US, Employment, Small and Medium Enterprises, Business, Effective use of marketing budgets, Business mergers and acquisitions, Markets, International Trade, Export, Dumping, Consumer Education, Consumer Electronics, Industry, Space Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Less Mobile Economies, High Incomes, The Scandal of Money, All Life-Centered Design, Syntropy and Living Systems, Women Entrepreneurship.

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