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Data knowledge oneline/ all known knowledge (subjective), grind for a percentage


I don't know why, but I now expect every piece of world knowledge to be accessible, translatable and archived for near instant reference.I search for something and expect it to be there ready to be placed and used. (My case, A blurry remembrance of Eric Heath's flying toilet cartoons)

My logic tells the previous desire is insane, there is no way the internet contains all known knowledge, a large proportion of people, myself included, are too lazy or don't give time.

But it would be nicely didactic to know a ball park percentage.

Credits: wjt of HalfBakery.


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//Google had set out to index all world's information


Like a progress bar for searchable index of the web and intelligence?

Knowledge horizon expands as we investigate it. For some datasets its easy to: for example, get a list of all world's cars registered, or all world's human individuals registered. For others, it's not - get a list of all bottles ever produced? All instances of coherent thought? Google had set out to index all world's information -- it may be they have this percentage completed index internally. It would be good to have it public, like is the Internet Archive?