Emergency Flying Blood Pumps



Implant blood connectors to blood system and drone-deliver temporary artificial hearts.

The people who run a risk of heart failure would have two connectors to blood circulation system implanted, enabling automatic attachment of the specialized pump.

Pumps would be delivered by drones, which would self-activate by heart failure signals, and fly to patients guided by their GPS location, align by use of spider-like feet, to provide the required pumping.

It is unacceptable that people die simply because of a pump failure, while all other metabolic reactions in body would be working just fine. People should not be dying of heart failures. Or should we just all have two hearts?

(I originally posted this idea on Halfbakery, here).


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This could be superceded by HiveCells, which would have the emergency systems embedded.

Perhaps could use the connection, similar to which is used for the airplane mid-air refueling.