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Balancing Lower-Level System for Cascading Effects in Higher Levels


The hypothesis is, if a lower level living system is un-well, the higher level living system is un-well too. Specifically, if a bacteria is un-well, human body is un-well too, and such earth is un-well too.

1 Living Systems Principles

If Human, Bacteria, Earth all are living systems, they share Living Systems principles:

  • Autopoiesis - self-making, self-maintaining, self-regeneration

  • Synergy - the whole is bigger than its parts

  • Fractals

... (which other Living Systems principles we should explore for this experiment?)

2 Balancing Lower-Level System for Cascading Effects in Higher Levels

If #1 is true, then we try to balance a lower-level system (which is a bacteria), so that we see if a higher-level system improves (which is a human, and then the earth).


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// Balancing Lower-Level System for Cascading Effects in Higher Levels //

Do you mean -- "Bottom-Up" world view -- "To achieve well-being in the higher levels of organization, first balance the lower level of organization?" I guess this idea has been part of Confucian philosophy: i.e., start from yourself, then "the family, the school, the local community, the state, and the kingdom".

I see that you are trying to combining this "bottom-up" world view with the "Living Systems Principles", assuming that they universally make living systems "happy" or harmonious at arbitrary level of organization. So, what are the rest of the principles of "Living Systems" that you had left with the "..." mark, as it seems to be the core of specifics and novelty of this idea (as the "bottom-up" as principle itself is well-known).

Finally, assuming that bacteria are the level of organization that one cares about, how would one apply the principles of "Autopoiesis" and "Synergy" and "Fractals" to make that level be "well" (that would result in the improvement in the levels above)?

Could this idea be summarized as -- "Take the principles of Living Systems, and apply them at the base level of life, and by induction, get the condition of macroscopic and higher order life improve?" Btw., when thinking of well-being of things like bacteria, don't think of them as some kind of benevolent agents, they are varied as personalities, there are species like the necrotizing fasciitis ("piranha bacteria"), that one would not to get near our systems, or, for example mosquitos. We may think we want to be good for everything, but things have to be in the right places at the right times for systems to achieve harmony.

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