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Promote coexistence as a cultural norm
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A comic story about CreativeEnergy inhabiting Human, so that a Human evolves to feel CoExistence while learning the spells of Living Systems.


The project promotes an idea that everything is connected.

It aims to shape cultural norms from "self-centric" to "togetherness" and inspire people to behave accordingly: in a deeper state of awareness and caring for the needs of true-self, others, universe.

The medium is a creative humorous short story with comics that showcases a character called "Mutantu" as a superhero who through funny adventures in a modern world raises its consciousness to understand that everything is connected and such uses its imagination to produce creative works as an example so that other humans follow and join "Mutantu" tribe.

The project explores topics as "life", "living systems", "universe as consciousness", "awareness", "imagination as energy", "energy and vibrations", "senses", "sacred", "effortless being", "chaos and order", "interbeing", and more.

Now I wonder, what help/feedback I need for my project?

  • Advisor who is a comic book author and a creator of anecdotes

  • Advisor who can help decompose Systems Thinking and define which concepts from Living Systems are the most important for beginners

From the "Sneak peak", and the gist "for people who don't read," it seems like it's going to be a set of illustrative works to capture the coexistence, where others see not. If it's got to be funny, look for a comedian, or perhaps, a magician comedian as an advisor -- they've got to deal with both systems, and see humor. One interesting comedian I've recently watched and who falls under this category (combining humor with magic), is the Hannibal. :)

Mindey, yes, a magician-comedian-cartoonist as advisor would be cool!

Now, thinking what are the Spells a character (and the readers!) needs to learn to friend the creative energy? These spells would be the behaviours of Living Systems or interactions within Living Systems.

// a magician-comedian-cartoonist

[Ruta], I'll let you know if my mind comes across a person like that.

// Added new homepage, benefits, new layout for book pages (reflection prompts, anecdotes, cartoon for colouring area)

You may actually try using to save historical snapshots of your website as work in progress, instead of always entering the same website as a result. Here's how: video.

Thanks [Mindey]! I made my first link with Archive here, yay!

^__^ Interesting you're talking spells. Sounds intriguingly game-like, or movie-like. Thinking of spells reminds me "The Lord of the Rings".

I realised that mapping the concepts in Living Systems does not matter because systems are about interactions not objects. So I have "spells" for a character to learn so that they transform their identity and access a higher consciousness. :) Spells here are actions (inter-actions with other systems) to go through.

Should we have consultation meetings with demos, as people could perhaps give ideas to challenges during them?

[Mindey] great idea :) agree.

I presented my scenes (on Airtable) for six people at Living Systems Collaboratory. Some of the feedback was on "How can I showcase Bacterias as (a living system) living harmoniously within a Human and Human (as a living system) living harmoniously within Earth?"

// How can I showcase Bacterias //

Get a microscope, and get 'em into a photo-session?

I'm thinking about producing the book as musicians do singles and then the album. So, each chapter would be like a living system itself and have a different illustrator, and together all illustrators with me form a "MUTANTU tribe", this way showing that systems are all about interactions and nothing exists in vacuum.

(Also I got a suggestion to run a Kickstarter campaign for that)

// Get a microscope, and get 'em into a photo-session? //

Love this idea, [Mindey]! I was actually dreaming about it (microscope) for some time now lol. Any recommendations on cheap good ones? :)

Cheapest I can remember, is that that paper microscope. I think those were invented for detecting malaria. On the ones suitable for the said "photosession", I'd recommend to think of collaboration with a university, they've got equipment, and rent microscope time, as good scopes ain't cheap, unless you want to play with toys for kids (e.g., [1], [2]).

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