Great Index of Roles


An index of every job role that needs to be done for modern society


Each role should have a voted amount of money for carrying out this role, plus a guaranteed profitability bonus, which is the thanks for doing the job from society.

This is quite unlike how labour markets work at the moment as people don't vote on salaries.


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I see, where you're going with this. Yes, we need such an index, need to know what is the set of all required jobs. But, what if we could load up programs (like Neo in "The Matrix" has loaded Kong-Fu), and change specialty dynamically from recordings of the skillsets? It's probably indexing skillsets is what's more important than indexing jobs.

People do not understand the components of their operating system or the components of a car, or aeroplane, so we have to specialise as a society, as individuals.

There's a cross fertilising of the idea of apocolypse technology -- there is also apocolypse jobs. All that's needed to have a well functional supply chain of goods from manufacture, to logistics requires a number of different specialisms.

Shelf stackers deserve more pay from where I'm standing.

I would so vote for upper bound of salaries for footballers :)

In the UK the free market creates minimum wage jobs and barely any high paying jobs.

Doctors deserve good salaries, footballers deserve less salaries.

Standardization of job type wage lower-bounds through public voting? It's price-setting through voting? Interesting, it's democracy against letting free market set its prices? What could be the implications?