YAML Inventions, methods, algorithms, solutions or answers.

  • CyberPub -- Social networking at its finest! (+) [en]
  • Operation Search Equations -- Thing ? = Other Thing (+) [en]
  • Dolphin Chatroom Libraries -- Create a low bandwidth distant communications channel for groups of dolphins with exchanged member, and crack dolphin language much faster! (+) [en, cn]
  • Distributed Cell-Phone Based Night Surveys -- Utilize billions of phone cameras, while charging battery at nights, to watch the sky for phenomena. (+) [en]
  • Shapeflow -- Generalization of Tetris: A strategic game with a variety of morphing shapes flowing through topological holes with increasing variety and speed, and complementaries that interact to break down into smaller ones, and a global goal to sustain their flow from clogging the system. (+) [en]
  • Merge-Worlds -- Multiple Inheritance Worlds With Subjects From Alternate Histories (+) [en]
  • Smellcode -- Like a bar-code, but made of concoctions of smelly chemicals. (+) [en]
  • Organs-Funded Cryonics -- Freeze heads or brains, and get organs pay for the costs of cryopreservation... (+) [en]
  • Catapult Plates for Cars -- Making cars get a glide over medium distances. (+) [en]
  • Magic FAQ -- Personal information exchange - the essential missing part of social networking profiles. (+) [en]
  • Reflectoputer -- A program for personal computers that builds compressed model of their user, by observing and compressing data about them, and asking questions to understand the user, to help user automate what the user does. (+) [en]
  • Lovers Cloning Selves -- Socially acceptable cloning and memetic mixing instead of sexual reproduction. (+) [en]
  • Credit password -- Works even if you've lost your cash or credit card. (+) [en]
  • Stickable Face Scales as Makeup -- Just like coats and trousers, but for face to hide aging and look cool. (+) [en]
  • Super-Budget Cryonics at Home -- Use consumer-grade freezer to have a shot in future resurrection. (+) [en]