Home Bakery Project ® P&L: -7.2 (≃ -71 USD)

To make and deliver exquisite, healthy bakery products to our fellow thinkers and makers~
YAML Project Unpublished Produce Base Administration

To help people feed each others, we need to make and share things. Simply add a work result below, and then the model of your product, that you will have for sale. We'll soon enable the "order" function, and queuing for these market orders requested, so that we can actually start experiment with physically helping each others. Check out "Exchange" section for details, you may want to click "Show images" for more fun.

We'll add multiple accounts, as locations a little later, but very soon, to allow showing the products we have in stock.

Yearly IRR: -1.0000
+1.0447 ħ (10.0 USD) (−0.0) test

-2.0893 ħ (20.0 USD) (+2.1) test


-0.2980 ħ (20.0 CNY) (+0.0) 在上海的家烘焙面包

3小时人工 10cny原料

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And how will this bakery work?

Ir kaip gi ši kepyklėlė veiks?


How does everything work here? I would like to know!

Kaip čia viskas veikia? Norėčiau sužinoti!


It's simple! Feel free to write articles!