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Space for Self

YAML Project

Creative entrepreneurship space with a mission to share innovation skills, tools and resources with people who seek to realise their true potential while working from home (in wilderness!).

New-born creators use Kokono guidebooks to direct themselves and produce meaningful things in the world.

Brand: Kokono has a persona of a different kind of hero, more a quiet one, but with a heart, values of curiosity, integrity and behaviours of observing, imagining, experimenting and caring. Content aims to inspire new age entrepreneurs and shape social norms. Now a norm is to go to school, do internship and get a job, after 5 years get a burnout and then go for a career break volunteering and then who knows what. Kokono content aims to shape social norms and encourage behaviours of "work from home in nature, drive inspiration from nature, question, experiment, help others, create your tiny impact which may happen to scale."

Methods: encouragement, experimentation, communication

Services: business advice, marketing, websites, learning facilitation

Products: online school, thinking tools


Kokono Limited, registered in Ireland

IBAN : IE08AIBK93104778459188 BIC : AIBKIE2D SORT CODE : 931047 ACCOUNT NUMBER : 78459188

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