All Life-Centered Design

Design Methods with All Living Species in Mind, Not Only Users

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Humans design new products and services, organisations, economic models using one stakeholder in mind - a human being. This way of developing causes existential threats for other living beings on Earth.

How might we design new experiences and tools for humans, with a living ecosystem and the needs of other living beings in mind?

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// and animals freely migrate crossing the city

Question is - what animals? Aligators, lions, snakes and tigers? Or squirrels, kangaroos and cows?

While animals can be tame, it looks like some of those animals have attractions towards hunting, like most humans have attractions towards thinking. To allow certain types of animals to roam freely in our cities, it would require rather elaborate brain modifications, and feeding equipment, to make their behaviors not dangerous, and make them generally tame.

[Mindey], a biodiverse city where humans work from home, walk and animals freely migrate crossing the city.

Practical challenge - design something, that an octopus and a cat could equally easily use.