Schools, Universities and Colleges are business umbrella organisations


The purpose of a school, college and university is to educate. But what if students want to provide services to the general public or other businesses? As parent category attests it's too difficult to start a business. There is so much administration to be done when all you want to do is a job. I propose schools, colleges and universities have umbrella organisations associated with them and provide an ERP and administration software for running of businesses. So the education organisation acts as a sort of bootstrap organisation for providing products and services.


This is similar to my business skeletons idea.

I think the world is hostile to new businesses or new activities.

It's difficult. The skill to mow a lawn or do something as a business is different from the skills of operating a business.

I want a world where anyone can simply decide to provide products and services with very little preparation.

Schools, colleges and universities have computer networks and accounting systems. Couldn't these services be provided to their students?


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