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Promote coexistence as a cultural norm
YAML Project

The project promotes an idea that everything is connected.

It aims to shape cultural norms from "self-centric" to "togetherness" and inspire people to behave accordingly: in a deeper state of awareness and caring for the needs of true-self, others, universe.

The medium is a creative humorous short story with comics that showcases a character called "Mutantu" as a superhero who through funny adventures in a modern world raises its consciousness to understand that everything is connected and such uses its imagination to produce creative works as an example so that other humans follow and join "Mutantu" tribe.

The project explores topics as "life", "living systems", "universe as consciousness", "awareness", "imagination as energy", "energy and vibrations", "senses", "sacred", "effortless being", "chaos and order", "interbeing", and more.

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