Boredom is a menace, stealing joy from people since the beginning of time

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Boredom is a horrible state of mind.

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Well, what is boredom? Perhaps there are different kinds of boredom:

Environmental scarcity:

  • When there's nothing meaningful else to do.

Reward temporal irregularity:

  • When waiting for the fun part is too long, and there's nothing fun to do in the meantime.

Environmental complexity :

  • When actions are futile, many things tried, nothing worked yet.
  • When there's just too many choices, none sufficiently fun or engaging, and you're in the search of the next big thing?

Are there more form or classes of boredom?

“Are there more form or classes of boredom?”——

There is: when the environment remains the same.

So we don’t like 'brave new world', because it’s so boring.

So we are going to mars :)

$$E = \frac{mc^2}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}$$

Think, when %%v%% approaches %%c%%, and how %%1337%% this topic is, -- may be less boring.


I think Boredom is a magical space when random questions and snippets of ideas enter our minds!

I would agree with a course "Learning How to Learn" on Coursera that says, when our brain is in a defocused mode, we think differently and form unexpected connections.

So this question could be rephrased as "How to make Boredom a productive space for ideation?"

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