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Funding Creativity

How could artists make a living from art?

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Artists have a skill which don't generate direct value to society, which puts them to a situation where they struggle to find ways of creating art and making money from their creations.

Let's say you're a young textile and graphic designer and an illustrator. You love drawing and photography. You notice what others don't.

You live in the world where you can't do what you love because you still have to earn money to satisfy your basic needs as food, accommodation, etc.

Currently artists have a few options:

  1. Create art and have no income.
  2. Create art and participate in short term projects such as exhibitions, art symposiums, art camps, etc. which provide short term monetary value.
  3. Create art and create commercial art such as iPhone cases, prints for pillows, commercial videos, etc.
  4. Create art and do a low paid job as shop assistant.
  5. Create no art and have a job instead.

How to enable artists to do what they are good at -- create art -- and make a living of it?

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