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    #Q28 If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?
    • Depends on how much I win. Looking at the largest historical lottery winnings, $1.5 Bn can be safely assumed to be the upper limit. What can be done for 1 billion? Look, what Elon Musk has done for just $ 150 Mln: I would try to spawn a couple of new ventures. I'd be quite interested in getting 3 of my main ideas to get going at scale. Namely, HiveCell, XMaze, and the Infinity itself, to fund a variety of people's ideas via it, as described in my blogpost, because we're moving not fast enough! Imagine another Elon Musk, that focuses on another set of hyper-transformative hardware-software technologies. So, the answers is, I'd start trying to things that are not on the market, those described on Infinity and Halfbakery, that need work and management to get bought. I would start buying consulting services and rapid prototyping services. #Q28

    #Q20 What's your story?
    • My earliest part of the story is effectively at mindey.com/42 #Q20